Each certification is comprised of content from all educational paths creating a single learning path for the user to proceed through. Our certification program help you gain confidence, inspire trust, and stand out from the crowd.

MercuryUniversity offers three tiers of certifications:


Level One

is based on an academic approach of how-to usage of the MercuryGate transportation management platform.


Level Two

picks up where Level One leaves off – transitioning from academic approaches to practical applications.


Level Three

contains advanced, hands-on labs to enhance your configuration skills you’ll need as an expert of the MercuryGate platform.

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MercuryUniversity Training Certifications

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) or “super users” who have undergone rigorous certification are qualified to sell, implement, and manage the platform. In fact, several have built tens-of-millions of dollars in business using the MercuryGate platform. Discover new skills or develop, build, and enhance current skills using MercuryGate’s tools and methodologies. If your company has a partnership with MercuryGate, you can become a Certified Partner through our Professional certification programs. Certification is available for our three primary partner programs - MercuryConnect (technology integrations), Resellers, and Consultants. To learn more about our partnership options, visit the

MercuryPartners site.

NEW - Showcase Your Certifications with Acclaim

Once you've earned your MercuryGate Certification, you have the ability to display your accomplishments on LinkedIn, your email signature block, your company website, or anywhere else you want your expertise to shine!

The Credly program by Acclaim hosts and manages the badges — you just need to create a free account and provide the qualifying information, and the system will walk you through how to use the badges. If you have any questions, please contact education@mercurygate.com.

There are currently eight badges available:

Drive Your TMS Skills To The Next Level With MercuryUniversity